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On behalf of the Awakening Team we would like thank all our Sponsors. With out their support we could not have made this event as affordable as it was for all the men to attend.

Thank you to the Ironmen who passionately served with great willingness giving all glory to God.

We would also like to thank all the Speakers who brought divinely appointed messages this weekend, whose messages pierced the hearts of the men in attendance.

Thank you to Rush Ministries for partnering with us. Your passion and expertise helped to solidify this conference.
Thank you to the Rehoboth Baptist association for your significant sponsorship. For Your willingness to see across denominational lines for the kingdom of heaven; Especially under the leadership of Director Pastor Tim Millwood. His steadfastness is commendable for he understood that in order to restore this Nation it will take ALL Christian men, and we must all be Awakened.

Thank you to the Churches throughout this region for believing and trusting in us. For your willingness to run our commercials in your sanctuaries. For encouraging your men to attend.

A special thank you to Governor Sonny Perdue for your willingness to step out in faith and believe in our vision.

Planning has already begun for the spring of 2018 as we once again challenge the men of middle Georgia to Awaken. Visit our Facebook and website for updates and announcements.
If you are interested in partnering with us as a Sponsor in 2018 contact us at

Conference Speakers

Picture of featured speaker Ken BevelKen Bevel
Picture of featured speaker Mike HuckabeeMike Huckabee
Picture of featured speaker Jason JimenezJason Jimenez
Picture of featured speaker Alex McFarlandAlex McFarland
Sonny PerduePicture of featured speaker Sonny Perdue
Marc PritchettPicture of featured speaker Marc Pritchett
Danny SingletonPicture of featured speaker Danny Singleton
Tim WorleyPicture of featured speaker Tim Worley

  • The Christian man today is in a slumber. While our nation is falling into moral decay at an unprecedented rate, the average Christian man seems to have fallen away and given up the fight for all that is good and blessed by God.
  • There is no denying our country is on a very “slippery” slope. Evil and depravity are consuming every aspect of this nation. Satan’s goal to render the Christian man ineffective and useless is becoming reality for much of the majority. Where are the REAL MEN of God? What has happened to the line in the sand? What has happened to our moral compass? What has happened to the leaders and trainers for our next generation?
  • We must AWAKEN from this slumber. We must take back our roles as husbands and fathers, we must become leaders of the inspired word of God in our work places, our churches, and within our communities. We must stand for what is truth and righteous. We need to understand that God has granted us the privilege to live in this country and be free to worship Him. It is those freedoms that allow us to be the light of Christ and hope within Him to the rest of the world.
  • Today that freedom is being challenged with every passing minute. We MUST become steadfast and resolute in the election process and learn to choose leaders who represent Christ in their decision making process. Selecting leaders who stand firm on Gods word, and are not afraid to fend off the threat to our religious liberties. We must Awaken the Christian man to take his God appointed role. To do his diligence and cast his vote for Christ.

The Awakening 2016 is sponsored by the

Rehoboth Baptist Association.

Presented by IronMen Ministries in conjunction with R.U.S.H. Ministries.

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